I am delighted to welcome you to visit our website which we hope will further assist you in improving our services. Information and communication technology plays an important role in this modern era and everyone needs to be fully equipped to face the challenges of the coming years.

Our great leader His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has in his address to the Majlis A’Shura (the State Council) last year underscored the value of information and communication technology by urging all his citizens to update themselves with latest technological knowledge to transform the Sultanate into a knowledge economy.

We dedicate this site to our patrons who have helped us become one of the leading suppliers of electro-mechanical equipment, accessories and oilfield supplies in the country. Further, we undertake to continue with our mission of providing the best services to our patrons by combining quality and affordability.

Engineer Saif bin Salim bin Saif Al Maamari